Providing new affordable homes

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New Lodge exterior, York
Find out about our commitment to providing 1,000 new affordable homes by 2030. You can also learn about any opportunities to comment on planning applications.
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New Lodge exterior, York

Homes play a major role in our lives. When our homes are of good quality, the comfort and security they provide enrich our lives and support our mental and physical health. That is why it is essential for everyone in the UK to be able to access and afford a home in a safe place.

The UK is in a housing crisis with a severe shortage of affordable homes impacted by rising house prices and rents. The waiting lists for housing are long, and not enough homes are available. This needs to change. We are taking action by providing 1,000 new homes by 2030.

The planning application process

During the planning application process, there will be opportunities to have your say on new developments, either directly to JRHT, or to your local council. You can also provide further feedback once planning applications have been submitted.

All local councils carry out their own consultations before a planning application is made. You can search City of York Council’s planning portal for more information.

We regularly update this page, and will include any opportunities to provide us with feedback here.

No current opportunities.

Renting or buying a home

If you are interested in renting or buying a home, you can contact our Customer Access Team who will be able to provide advice:

0800 5870211