Get involved

There are several opportunities available for JRHT residents who want to be active and involved in their community.

Your community, your JRHT

In the future of JRHT

We’re inviting residents to join us in shaping the future of JRHT by joining our Residents’ Assembly or becoming part of our Involved Residents Pool.

These groups were formed in 2021 after JRHT signed the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Charter. Our commitment to the charter means that we’re finding new ways to collaborate with our residents on the housing and community issues that matter most to them.

Everyone that joins the Assembly or Pool is making no commitment, other than that you are happy for us to contact you from time to time to see if you want to get involved in an area you are interested in.

Residents' Assembly

The Residents' Assembly gives residents an opportunity to have their say on strategic issues across the organisation.

The Assembly are a resident led group attended by senior JRHT staff and members of the JRHT Board. The group receive regular updates and performance information and give residents the opportunity to scrutinise, challenge and suggest new projects.

Residents' Assembly Working groups: Communication, Rent and Service charges

Residents from the Involved Residents Pool and Residents Assembly will be able to get involved in the Residents' Assembly Working Groups. These centre on key issues and areas of interest for residents and JRHT such as Communication, Rent, Services charges and more.

If you’re interested please let us know by completing an online form.

Involved Residents Pool

Have your say on our work and share your views on what matters most to you and your neighbourhood.

The Involved Residents Pool is an informal group of residents who work together on a variety of themed projects and various issues. By giving some of your time you can tell us what is good about what we do, what works and what doesn’t.

In your community

Resident Associations and Neighbourhood Community groups

Most JRHT communities have either a Local Community Group or a Residents’ Association. Get involved as these groups organise trips, community activities and encourage participation. These groups are an ideal place to make an impact and bring your skills and energy to benefit your own local area.

  • Hartfield’s Resident’s Association, Hartlepool
  • New Earswick Residents Forum, New Earswick, York
  • Plaxton Court Residents Association, Scarborough
  • Victoria Geldof Community Group, Huntington, York
  • Derwenthorpe Residents' Association

Conferences, events and training

If you are interested in getting involved in the housing sector there are different sites and organisations that offer training for interested residents. They also run a number of conferences and events that encourage resident participation.

Find out more

To find out about what’s going on in your community, email Lara Winters, our Resident Involvement Officer at