Rent a home from JRHT

To apply to rent a JRHT property, you need to join our housing register. We also have properties available to buy or part-buy.

Applying to rent

Our priority is to offer the right guidance and information to anyone who is looking for a property. We want to help you make informed decisions about where you choose to live. This includes the type of home and area you want to live in. We use a points system to assess your housing circumstances. Points are awarded for different types of factors such as being overcrowded.

The demand for rented housing is very high and availability of our housing is very low. Time spent on the housing register is not an indication of when you may be offered a property as other applicants with higher points will take priority when a property is allocated.

JRHT is an inclusive organisation and welcome residents from all backgrounds regardless of their age, disability, gender identity, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy or maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, transgender status, or social economic backgrounds.

Applying to buy or part buy

If you wish to buy or part-buy a property, you can view homes for sale. You can make an enquiry about a specific property on the market.