Resident Review Meetings


Have your say

We are excited to invite you to participate in the next round of our resident review meetings.

These meetings provide a great opportunity for residents to voice your opinions, share their experiences, and contribute to shaping the future of JRHT and the services it provides. 
We believe in the power of open dialogue and collaboration, and your feedback is crucial in ensuring that JRHT meets your needs and aspirations.

By attending these meetings, residents will have the opportunity to speak directly with senior members of staff, who are eager to listen to your ideas, address any concerns you may have, and work together towards making positive changes. 

Participation from residents is not only valued, but it is also vital in creating a thriving and inclusive environment for everyone. 

Join us in making a difference and shaping the future by attending one of the resident review meetings.

Further details and how to book

To book your place, please use the links below or alternatively contact our Customer Access Team on 0800 5870211 or email at 

Location Date / Time  To book

19 July, 4pm - 6pm

The Folk Hall, New Earswick

Click here
Virtual (via Zoom) 25 July, 6pm - 7.30pm

Click here 

If you would like support with zoom please contact


27 July, 2.30 - 4.30pm 

Plaxton Court

Call reception on 01723 340 290 
 Hartlepool 10 August , 10 am - 12noon Call reception on 01429 855 070

If you would like transport to the meeting in New Earswick in York, please contact Georgina Pike, Resident Insight & Involvement Officer on 07814 067 352 or email at