Key updates from the JRHT Board


Our Board supports us to set our strategic direction, monitors our performance and makes sure that we run our business in line with regulations and the law.

The Board meet each quarter and is chaired by Helen Evans. Following every Board meeting, one of JRHT's Leadership Team will report back on key updates from the meeting. Watch the video for a summary of key updates from the last Board meeting in March by Chris Simpson, Executive Director.

JRHT update March 2021

In the latest Board meeting, the following key areas were discussed:

Future strategy for JRHT

A reflective piece of work will be completed to enable us to understand how the organisation can continue to meet aims and objectives set out by Joseph Rowntree. This will form a significant part of the organisation’s work in the next year.

Governance and financial viability review

The Board also considered how well the organisation is being run looking at key aspects such as risk assessments processes, financial management, customer, and consumer standards. The outcome was the organisation was in good shape although there are areas that would benefit from continuous improvement.

In addition, the Board also looked at adopting a new code of governance recently made available by the National Housing Federation (NHF).

Development Programme

Our target is to build 1,000 new affordable units over the next 10 years. The board were pleased to hear that the building work is progressing well with the next phase of the New Lodge development in New Earswick. We are also waiting for a decision from the City of York Council on the planning application for 117 new affordable units in New Earswick.

Anti-racist organisation

As part of the Board’s response to the Black Lives Matter movement last year. The organisation is embarking on extensive work on how the organisation can become anti-racist in its practices. This also forms a significant part of our work in the coming year. Plans will be shared at a future board meeting on how this will be carried out.


The Board looked in detail at the performance of the organisation including rent collection, re-let times, repairs and modifications, health & safety and complaints. The Board made the decision to make this information much more freely available. You can now access a dedicated section on the JRHT website which will be kept up to date with the latest information.