Scarborough Resident Review Meeting - Round Up


In July, members of the senior leadership team held the latest Resident Review meeting in Scarborough.  

The Resident Review Meetings provide an opportunity for residents to meet and ask questions to senior leaders in JRHT.  It is an open forum, with most of the two-hour session used for open questions and answers.

We really value these meetings as they provide an opportunity to hear about issues concerning residents, whilst also allowing staff members to respond and clarify JRHT’s position.

The meetings also help us to deliver on commitments made as part of the National Housing Federation’s Together with Tenants Charter, building relationships, improving communication, increasing resident voice and advancing accountability.

Key issues raised and responses

Can the residents storeroom be used to store resident belongings for a short period of time? 

It is not possible to store resident belongings in the storeroom as it is a fire safety issue.

Where can we store bicycles at Keld Close?

The Scheme Champions will be able to help with advice on where bicycles can be stored at Keld Close.  

What are the requirements for patio storage?  

All patio storage should not block any paths. 

Who is responsible for cutting the grass in front of the cottages? 

Duncan is cutting some of the grass areas at the moment along with other residents who are able to.  We will look at the individual leases to clarify who is responsible for grass cutting. 

What is happening about the condition of the ‘top bank’?

Countrywide is providing a quote for larger work to the top bank.

Is it possible to have more gardeners?

It was felt that Countrywide were not suitable. In terms of the landscaping services, it is always a balance between being cost effective and quality of work being delivered.  We are going through a re-tender process currently.