Equality, diversity and inclusion

Find out about how we promote equality, diversity and inclusion in all the areas of work we do, and about our commitment to being an anti-racist organisation.

We believe in treating everyone equally and fairly, regardless of their differences. This means we have policies and practices in place that do not discriminate against anyone, and we support the diverse identities and backgrounds of our residents and staff.

We’re committed to creating a culture of equality, diversity, and inclusion. Underpinning this, is our belief and aspiration to fairness in all our relationships and activities. To help us achieve this, we have a strategy that outlines our commitment to these values, and our goal is to make sure that these principles are embedded in everything we do.

Our commitment to being an anti-racist organisation

An anti-racist organisation is one that works actively to challenge racial injustices in all areas of its operation. This includes:

  • who it employs
  • how it spends its money
  • the work it undertakes
  • who it works with.

An anti-racist organisation asks whether it is doing these things in ways that reinforce, or challenge, racial injustices.

We’re thinking about the ways we might be influencing racial justice and injustice, and challenging ourselves to think deeply about how we might do things differently. We have an anti-racism action plan which our directors review monthly to ensure we’re making progress across all teams and departments. This is not a project with an end point, it is a continual journey.

If you'd like to learn more about our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion or our commitment to being an anti-racist organisation, please contact matt.lewer@jrht.org.uk.