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Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) are now able to support residents to get access to free digital devices to get online and make the most of online services.  

We have teamed up with IT ReUse to offer free digital devices. This means that if you live in a home managed by JRHT in York and meet certain criteria, you can apply for devices like laptops at no cost. Even if you already have a smartphone, you might still qualify for a laptop, especially if you are job hunting or eager to learn new things. 

How do you get a free digital device? 

  • You cannot apply directly to IT ReUse. Instead, you need to apply through JRHT or with the help of a social or support worker. 

  • After you complete the application, it goes to IT ReUse for them to review and decide if you qualify. 

  • The distribution of digital devices depends on individual circumstances, as determined through this application process. 

  • Due to limited availability, there may be delays of a few weeks in receiving the device you requested. 

  • The availability of devices depends on the donations received by IT ReUse. 

If you live in a JRHT managed home in York, please contact Connor Lambert, Digital Inclusion Officer by email or call 07890952568. You can also contact your Housing Officer if you prefer.  

Further guidance can be found on their website:  

“IT ReUse provide a range of quality devices to those that need them most. We are looking forward to bringing their digital device support to our residents. Across York, they have supported several people on their digital journeys. They make sure to provide helpful, how to guides, with each device depending on your needs and are also conscious of any specific accessibility needs”  Connor Lambert, Digital Inclusion Officer 

What is IT ReUse? 

The IT ReUse project is York based and is supported by a group of organisations who have shared goals in advancing the causes of digital inclusion, environmentalism, and reuse. JRHT is part of this group of organisations working in partnership called Digital Friendly York

IT ReUse accept donations of IT equipment from the public and local businesses. These devices are then refurbished and repaired. Then, through a network of community workers and organisations they distribute them to individuals who cannot access essential services and risk getting left behind by the digital divide. 

 “The team at IT ReUse is pleased to be working with such a recognised and influential organisation, and we’re excited to help tenants gain new opportunities and become digitally included.”  Tyler Potter, IT Manager & IT ReUse Workshop Supervisor 

Support outside of York 

For those living outside of York, you might qualify for the Tech4Families Scheme. The Digital Poverty Alliance is collaborating with Currys to help families in need of laptops. 

  • You will need to be the parent or care giver of a child aged 4-16 who does not have access to a suitable device.  

  • Devices are issued on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed.  

  • You will also need someone from the community to support your application. 

  • This can be the JRHT Digital Inclusion Officer, your Housing Officer or a support worker. 

Get Online at Home 

If you are not eligible for the previous schemes (IT Re-use or Tech4Families), JRHT can still help you with Get Online at Home. With this service, you can purchase a second-hand, refurbished laptop, PC or tablet for a lower price.  

You may be able to get further discounts if you qualify for their cheaper pricing. JRHT can also give you a special discount code to lower the price even more. 

To qualify for the cheaper eligible price you must be; 

  • A member of a low-income family receiving any state benefits based on need 
  • In a community with limited access to technology 
  • Have a disability