Help shape our new policies and strategies

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We would like your help to shape what we do.  Over the next few months, we’ll be seeking your input on new policies and strategies.  We will be doing this in two ways:

1.    Focus groups – Join us for face to face meetings or online if you prefer. 
2.    Online digital surveys – We’ll email you with surveys so you can fill them out at a time that suits you.

Below is a list of new policies and strategies - if you are interested in helping us to review these, please click this link - to provide your details, so we can contact you. 

June 2024

Anti social behaviour and Hate Policy – to review how we can  support you or members of your household  if you are experiencing anti social behaviour or hate crime and the steps we can take to make your neighbourhoods safe, secure, and peaceful places to live.

Domestic Abuse Policy – to review how we will respond and support you in a compassionate way if you or a member of your household are experiencing domestic abuse.

Our new Tenants Charter – This charter sets out how we aim to deliver excellent services, focusing on:

  • Relationships- treating you fairly and with respect
  • Communications – ensuring you get the right information at the right time
  • Voice and Influence – asking for your input on how we deliver our services 
  • Quality – providing good quality homes in good neighbourhoods
  • Accountability – giving you the information  you need to review our work and suggest improvements and changes 
  • When things go wrong – offering easy ways to report issues so we can fix them quickly.

August 2024

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy – to review our commitment to be inclusive. This includes providing accessible services for everyone and being an organisation that recognises and welcomes diversity.   

Mutual Exchange Policy – to review the way we handle application for tenants wanting to swap homes, whether this is with another JRHT tenant or a tenant from  another housing association or local authority.  

Neighbourhood Offer – to agree on a set of standards to keep your neighbourhoods and communal areas clean, tidy, and attractive. This includes:

  • How often we inspect our estates  
  • The support we can provide when tenants move into their new home 
  • How we ensure fire safety
  • How often we will clean communal areas
  • How we maintain shared outside spaces such as gardens and courtyards.
  • How often we will cut grass in communal areas owned by us.
  • How we will work with our partners to improve land in your neighbourhood not owned by us.

This will also include agreeing timescales for each standard. 

Resident Engagement Strategy – to agree on how we will work with you to improve the services we deliver. This includes working with you in a way and time which is suitable for you. 

Below are some of the ways you can currently become involved.  We will review these as part of the strategy. 

  • Residents’ assembly – provides you with the opportunity to challenge our performance and work with us to agree priorities. The groups meets 6 times a year.
  • Resident Communications and Customer Services Group – provides you with the opportunity to review documents, letters and posters to make sure the information provided is clear and easy to understand.  This group also look at how we can improve the way and channels we use to communicate with residents including the Electronic Newsletter, website, and social media channels.
  • Repairs Group – this is a new group we are setting up  to work with you on issues relating to repairs and to ensure all our homes are safe and of a good quality and standard. 
  • Involved Residents Pool – if you are interested in being involved but don’t have the time to attend regular meetings you may wish to sign up to be part of the Involved Residents Pool to talk to us about areas that interest you or concerns you have. 

If you would like to help review any of our policies or strategies, you can:

o   Speak to our Resident Involvement Officer Lara Winters by phone on 07976971394
o  Email Lara -
o  Click this link - to provide your details so we can contact you.