Hartrigg Oaks, York


A continuing care retirement community enabling people aged 60 plus to remain independent and live life to the full.

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About the community

About the community

Hartrigg Oaks is a community of around 250 people. It consists of 152 one and two bedroom bungalows, together with a 43-bed care home providing residential and nursing care. We are based on the continuing care retirement community model.

Hartrigg Oaks aims to provide a socially stimulating environment. It's a place where people can maintain their independence and choice throughout later life.

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Where is it?

Where is it?

Hartrigg Oaks is located on the edge of the Edwardian garden village of New Earswick, on the outskirts of York. It is ideally positioned to enjoy village life and is within easy reach of York’s historic city centre.

Hartrigg Oaks Continuing Care Community

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Continuing care

The continuing care aspect of Hartrigg Oaks is what makes us unique and gives the residents of Hartrigg Oaks peace of mind.

In a nutshell, the continuing care model is achieved through our unique pooled financial options. The residence fee, paid to purchase your bungalow, also covers your accommodation in The Oaks, our onsite care facility, if you should need it on a short term or permanent basis. The community fee, if you choose the standard or reduced option, covers the use of the facilities, maintenance of the bungalows and your care when required. This means should your care needs increase, the amount you pay will not.

There is the option to not opt for the continuing care feature, though it is very popular with around 87% of our residents taking advantage of the continuing care model we provide. Please see below.



Hartrigg Oaks has 152 spacious bungalows generously spread over a 21-acre site.

There are four property types, all of which have a private garden and an allocated car parking space.

Accommodation is built to a national standard called Lifetime Homes. This means that it is wheelchair accessible throughout. It can easily be fitted with aids and adaptations.

Look inside a Hart Bungalow

Look inside a Hart Plus Bungalow

Look inside a Rigg Bungalow

Look inside in a Rigg Plus Bungalow

Communal facilities

Communal facilities

Hartrigg Oaks has extensive communal facilities, including:

  • coffee shop and restaurant
  • library
  • IT facilities
  • arts and crafts room
  • gym with spa pool
  • DIY workshop
  • hair salon
  • small shop
  • guest rooms
  • people carrier (minibus) for social outings.

Wi-Fi access is available in communal areas. Activities and events take place on a regular basis.

Care and support

Care and support in your bungalow

Care and support is available as part of a personal care plan, or as required. This is provided in residents' own home by a dedicated community care and support team. Services include:

  • home help
  • personal care
  • residential and nursing care, on either a respite or long-term basis, within the on-site care home (called The Oaks)
  • emotional support
  • advice on diet and exercise.

Personal care and residential and nursing care in The Oaks are services that are registered with the Care Quality Commission. As such they are subject to regulatory inspections. For details of the most recent inspection reports, see The Oaks community page.

Our services are relationship centred. This means they focus on the importance of positive relationships between older people, relatives and staff. We take time to find out what is important to each individual. This helps us to provide them with services that best meet their needs.

Cost of joining Hartrigg Oaks

Our unique pooled financial options are explained in our brochure. Here are some examples of how much it costs to join Hartrigg Oaks.

The fully refundable prices for the bungalows are shown below, both the maximum and minimum figures are given for each property type

Rigg £280,500.00 £303,000.00
Rigg Plus £319,500.00 £357,500.00
Hart £359,000.00 £397,500.00
Hart Plus £407,000.00 £433,000.00

The community fee and the non-refundable fees are calculated based on your date of birth. Below are examples of these figures for a couple and a single applicant.

Couple aged 71 & 75 for a Hart Plus

Resident Fees
Refundable Non-refundable Annualised
£405,500.00 £256,365.00 £28,350.00 per annum

Paid per bungalow (this also covers accommodation in The Oaks on a short term or long term basis).

Community Fee
£17,906.00 per annum £8,953.00 per annum + Lump Sum £170,245.00 £8,092.00 per annum + Care

Paid monthly per resident.

Single applicant aged 70 for a Rigg Plus

Residence Fees
Refundable Non-refundable Annualised
£357,500.00 £214,143.00 £25,025.00 per annum

Paid per bungalow (this also covers accommodation in The Oaks on a short term or long-term basis).

Community Fee
Standard Reduced Fee for Care
£9,588.00 per annum £4,794.00 per annum + lump sum £106,619.00 £4,623.00 per annum + Care costs

Paid monthly per resident.

Other information

Other information

Address: Hartrigg Oaks, Haxby Road, New Earswick, York YO32 4DY.

Telephone 01904 750700.

Hartrigg Oaks: The First Ten Years

If you are interested in the history of Hartrigg Oaks you might enjoy reading our book, published in 2009. It tells the story of Hartrigg Oaks’ first decade. It covers planning and development, life at Hartrigg Oaks, and the impact the scheme has had.

Hartrigg Oaks at 20

To celebrate the first 20 years of Hartrigg Oaks, our residents published another book in 2019. This contains stories from our residents of what it’s like to live at Hartrigg Oaks. The Hartrigg Oaks 20 years book is available from Hartrigg Oaks reception.

Hartrigg Oaks brochure

CQC inspection

Hartrigg Oaks - CQC inspection

Response to CQC rating in April 2019

Our care team took the CQC findings very seriously and the link below outlines our current position as of October 2020

Our overall CQC rating of “requires improvement” across three key lines of enquiry (safe, effective and well-led), reflects the position in April 2019 when the service was last inspected.

In normal circumstances the CQC would have re-inspected the service within a year of the previous inspection. However, this year has been unprecedented due to the coronavirus pandemic and CQC has adapted its approach to inspections. The CQC have taken a risk-based approach and prioritised visits to services where there is a need for regulatory oversight.

We have not been inspected and we do not anticipate an inspection until the CQC reinstate routine CQC inspections (no current date at present). This demonstrates that CQC are confident that appropriate actions have been taken to address any areas of previous concern.

Currently our services are running well with a stable staff and management team in place.

The previous CQC inspection (April 2019) raised a number of areas which required improvement these are detailed below. All areas which were highlighted as requires improvement have now been addressed. The inspection also highlighted “good” areas which included “caring” and “responsive”.

Safe management of Medicines (safe element of CQC report)

In the safe management of medicines, we have instigated additional staff training, underpinned with a revised policy and with annual competency checks for all staff.

Medicine audits are monthly and there is a clear process for medicines management overseen by the registered manager of the service. In addition to this we have created a new medicines room on the first floor, meaning each floor of the care home has its own medicines room rather than a shared room on the ground floor.

We are currently undertaking a review of electronic medicines administration systems to enable us to have real time information regards medicines administration and to support with streamlining the audit processes.

Reporting of incidents (safe element of CQC report)

The CQC actions regards incidents management has been fully addressed with a timely review of all incidents and oversight from JRHT senior care management on a fortnightly basis to ensure all incidents reported are fully investigated and resolved.

The overview from JRHT senior care management team means that key performance indicators for all of the care sites are reviewed and monitored for trends and any areas of concern are addressed immediately. This review of key performance indicators is part of a monthly report called “JRHT Care scorecard”

The Hartrigg Oaks Care Committee (Comprising bungalow residents, Oaks residents and senior JRHT staff, chaired by a resident) have oversight of the completed CQC action plan, and the on-going continuous improvement plans for the service.

Staffing (effective part of CQC report)

The reduction in use of agency staff and the recruitment of regular staff has progressed well under the stable management team (who were new in post at the time of the April 2019 CQC inspection). This stable, visible management team at The Oaks have received excellent feedback from staff via the staff survey completed on the 02 September 2020 and from residents and their families. The overwhelming feedback is to continue doing what they are doing.

When a service has a requires improvement in the Safe Domain it cannot be deemed to be well-led. There were no specific actions for well led from the CQC April 2019 report.

Feedback from our residents and their families

“The care is marvellous, the care staff have looked after us brilliantly and we feel safe even during the pandemic.” A resident in the Oaks, October 2020

A relative shared her views, “The place is brilliant. The current management team and staff are fantastic, they listen to us and have acted on our concerns. During Covid-19 the care staff have bent over backwards to help me stay in touch with Mum, via Facetime and I have just had a garden visit, it’s so reassuring to see her smiling and well looked after. I have written to CQC to tell them how much better it is.” A residents daughter October 2020

“The Oaks is totally unrecognisable compared with when CQC last visited. The change is unbelievable, trust has been built between residents, staff and the management team. We have good staff who we know and who know us. I feel secure and have total confidence in the care provided and enormous respect for the staff team and managers” A resident in the Oaks, October 2020

“Since the CQC report there has been a significant improvement in our Care Services. Close co-operation between residents and the newly appointed JRHT staff has played a pivotal role in achieving this change.” Chair of the Residents’ Association.

This view is supported by the Emergency Support Framework (ESF) conversation with the CQC in September 2020 (this ESF is a review of management systems to keep people safe during the pandemic, including use of PPE and Infection Control Measures) the resultant feedback was that the service had good systems in place for resident and staff safety, and a stable knowledgeable management team.

If you have any further questions or would like more information, please contact Mark Gillen, Registered Manager or Sue Hogston, Head of Residential and Nursing Care