Shared and full ownership schemes


Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust aims to attract people on different incomes to its communities by offering a range of options for part-renting and buying homes.

Shared ownership

Shared ownership

Our shared ownership scheme offers an alternative to renting and full ownership. It is suitable for people with a regular income, who want to buy a home but cannot afford full purchase.

With shared ownership you buy a share of your home and pay rent on the rest. You pay a percentage share of the full value of a property, paying rent on the portion not purchased. Equity percentages range normally from 25% up to 75%. Shared owners can apply to purchase further shares at a later date. There is the option of 'staircasing' up to full ownership.

If tenants get into financial difficulty and their mortgage repayments are at risk, we can choose to allow ‘reverse staircasing’. This means that we buy back shares in the property, enabling the occupier to become a tenant. Importantly, this allows people to remain in the same neighbourhood and avoids repossession or eviction.

Full ownership

Full ownership

This scheme allows for 50% of suitable vacant properties in New Earswick in York to be offered for full sale. The money received from these sales is recycled towards providing replacement rental or shared ownership properties.

When properties are placed on the market we advertise on this website (see ‘what’s available’). We also advertise with local estate agents.

Leasehold schemes for the elderly

Some of our communities/properties are supported by a government grant of 30% of the cost. It is an initiative known as leasehold schemes for the elderly. It enables you to own a 70% interest in the value of the property. This is on a 60- or 99-year lease (it varies on different schemes). You do not pay a rent on the unpurchased balance.

To find out more about shared and full ownership opportunities see homes for rent and what’s available.