Update on planned work at Derwenthorpe - August 2023


Work to road on Fifth Avenue

The work to rebuild the road on Fifth Avenue continues. So far, the contractors have been working on the side of the road nearest to the school. The original surface and layers underneath have now been removed. The work has started to rebuild the road. 

The next stage is to remove the top surface from the other side of the road. This means that large concrete slabs will be removed and broken up in the compound next to the SSC. It is expected to take 1.5 days to complete this work. We will communicate more details about this work when timings are confirmed. It is expected that these works will commence on 29th August for two days.

We would like to apologise in advance for the disruption this will cause residents. 

If residents have any questions or concerns about this work, please contact derwenthorperoads@jrht.org.uk  

Advanced notice **Road closure–W/C 30th October 2023***

Week commencing 30th October,  there will be a full road closure on Fifth Avenue for two days. This closure is required to resurface the road. 

During this road closure, residents will not be able to access Seebohm Quarter (Phase 3) via Fifth Avenue. 

Alternative access to Seebohm Quarter will be provided via Bad Bargain Lane and Meadlands Mews. We are awaiting confirmation from the bus company, but it is likely that the bus service will terminate on Fifth Ave during this period. We will communicate further with residents in October once further details have been confirmed.  

Update on building final homes (the Old National Grid site west of Metcalfe Lane) 

Camstead Homes will shortly be finishing the work to install the roads and sewers. To complete the installation of the sewers, a large volume of waste materials was removed and is currently on site.    

At the end of August, the waste materials will be removed by lorries which will access the site via the approved access point of Fifth Avenue.  Due to the amount of waste, residents will see a large number of lorries from the end of August until early September.  

We understand residents may have queries or concerns about this work, please contact Camstead Homes directly on york@scotfield.co.uk  

District heating

Veolia have informed us that additional work is required to improve the control and maintenance of the District Heating System.  

This work is planned to start on the week beginning 04 September and last approximately two months.  

The work will involve digging out further valves and reconstructing chambers along with identifying small leaks in the pipework and repairing these leaks. The majority of this work is associated with Seebohm Quarter (Phase 3).  

Residents who are directly impacted will be contacted by Veolia prior to works commencing. These works are likely to cause some disruption to residents through noise and temporary loss of parking spaces. 

To carry out the work, Veolia will need to use the existing compound next to the Super Sustainable Centre (SSC) and  in addition, a smaller temporary storage area will be created on the grass area to the rear of the SSC to store welfare cabins, machinery, equipment, and materials. It is likely that this area will be required for a minimum of two months.

If residents have any questions, please contact Veolia directly on uk.derwenthorpe@veolia.com or 0345 078 1154 

We have also shared a copy of this update with Derwenthorpe Residents Association (DRA) to be put on their website as well as noticeboards around Derwenthorpe.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and cooperation.