Update on building of final 40 homes in Derwenthorpe - May 2023


As mentioned in our last update in March, Camstead Homes have completed the initial preparation of the land which has included creating access, clearing the area, removing debris and materials as well as securing the perimeter.  

Camstead Homes will resume work on the 09 May 2023 to begin work on the roads and sewers. To enable this work, significant volumes of materials will need to be delivered to the site. This means there will be a larger number of deliveries arriving on site from the 09 May 2023.

Camstead Homes have decided to call the area - 'Blackberry Walk'. It is named after the nearby Derwent Valley Light Railway which gained its nickname of the Blackberry Line when, in the 1920’s it used to transport blackberries to markets in Yorkshire and London, as well as running excursions know as ‘Blackberry Specials’ for York residents to pick blackberries in the surrounding countryside.