Upcoming changes to benefit payments

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Starting April 8, 2024, the government is increasing the State Pension and other benefits managed by the Department for Work and Pensions by 6.7% in view of rising living costs and inflation.

You can see detailed information about these increases at this government website here   

Below are the new basic rates for some common benefits for 2024/25 compared to 2023/24. Remember, what you actually get may vary because of things like age, extra payments you qualify for, or if you owe money:

New basic rates for common benefits for 2024/25 compared to 2023/24
Benefit  Rates 2023/24 Rates 2024/25
Attendance Allowance  £68.10 £72.65
Carers Allowance  £76.75 £81.90
Disability Living Allowance (Care) £26.90 £28.70
Disability Living Allowance (Mobility) £26.90 £28.70
Employment Support Allowance £84.80 £90.50
Income Support  £84.80 £90.50
Jobseekers Allowance  £84.80 £90.50
Maternity Allowance  £172.48 £184.03
Pension Credit  £201.05 £218.15
Personal Independence Payment (Daily Living)  £68.10 £72.65
Personal Independence Payment (Mobility) £26.90 £28.70
State Pension  £203.85 £221.20
Statutory Maternity/Paternity Pay  £172.48 £184.03
Statutory Sick Pay £109.40 £116.75
Universal Credit   £368.74 £393.45

Payments for Housing Benefit / the Housing Element of Universal Credit and Council Tax Support will also increase to reflect higher rent and council tax charges coming into effect from 1 April 2024.  

Changes that need to be reported 

The increased rates should be applied automatically to any existing claims, except for Housing Benefit / the Housing Element of Universal Credit, where changes to rent need to be reported for the higher amounts to become payable. 

It is the legal responsibility of the claimant to report such changes directly to the local authority (Housing Benefit) or the DWP (Universal Credit).  

As April is the beginning of the financial year, often wages and occupational/ private pension rates may increase. If this is relevant in your case you will need to report any changes to the DWP, HM Revenue & Customs ( HMRC) and also to your local authority. 

Support with reporting changes 

We offer a free, confidential and impartial Money & Benefits Advice service to all residents and staff. Advisers can assist with benefit checks, updating claims and identifying other forms of support that may be available. To speak to an adviser or book an appointment please contact the Money & Benefit Advice team on 0800 5870211 or email mba@jrht.org.uk.