Three year agreement signed to improve energy services for residents

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We have entered into a significant three-year contractual partnership with Veolia aimed at enhancing energy services for residents living in Derwenthorpe. 

Over the past year, we have been working with a group of engaged residents and Veolia to develop a comprehensive plan addressing various issues associated with the district heating system in Derwenthorpe.

The district heating system is leased and managed by Veolia. The system supplies heating and hot water to all residents in Derwenthorpe. However, persistent performance issues, including boiler failures and pipe network leaks, have been a concern in the past.

Veolia have been trying to fix these issues, but in doing so, residents have experienced disruption to the service.  We and Veolia recognise that this is not acceptable for residents. 

These issues have prompted a collective effort to seek solutions and ways to improve the service. 

As part of this initiative, we commissioned an independent report to assess the efficiency and performance of the district heating system. This highlighted several areas where improvements are needed. 

In a bid to address residents' concerns comprehensively, alongside Veolia we have formalised this plan into a three-year contractual agreement, which means: 

  • Improvements will be made to the heating systems, boilers and related equipment in the Super Sustainable Centre making it a more efficient and reliable service for residents.
  • We will gain a better understanding of the system operation and maintenance so informed decisions can be made during this 3-year arrangement.
  • We will work with Veolia to explore options for reducing the system's carbon footprint.

Sharon Brookes, Director of Asset Management, JRHT said - “We are pleased to be entering into this agreement, which will mean residents will see notable improvements to the heating services. It also gives us an opportunity to explore other options in the future.”

To ensure transparency and community involvement, information sessions regarding the agreement were conducted this week, reaffirming JRHT's dedication to keeping residents informed and engaged in shaping the future of energy supply at Derwenthorpe.