Making a difference - community clean up

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On a bright and sunny Saturday morning in mid-October, a group of volunteers from JRHT and local councillors contributed their time and effort to clean up the local area in Woodlands.   

The clean-up initiative was organised following feedback from residents. In April, the community and housing team asked residents what they would like the community fund to be spent on.   

The residents collectively chose a community clean up. The fund was used to rent three skips, which meant residents could dispose of unwanted items as well as being used for waste and debris which was collected during the clean-up.  

On the day, volunteers took to the streets, armed with litter pickers, brushes and wheelbarrows. They cleared hedges, pathways and removed large waste items, leaving Woodlands with a visibly improved appearance. 

Helen Phillips, Housing Officer for Woodlands, said "It was great that so many colleagues came along to help with the community clean-up. Within 2 hours, we filled three skips. It's nice to be able to help and make a big difference within the community." 


The community fund is a central pot of money which is managed by JRHT. It is used for community initiatives.