Home Surveys Underway

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We are working alongside Watts Group to carry out home condition and energy surveys in all homes that are managed by us.  

We are carrying out these surveys, so we can assess the current condition of your home including fixtures and fittings and measure the energy efficiency.  

The information gathered will help us to plan and deliver future improvements to your home and also ensure your home remains warm, safe and in good condition.  

What does the survey look at?  

The home condition survey looks at the age and condition of your home.  This helps us work out when certain areas, like windows, roofs, bathrooms and kitchens, might need to be replaced.  

We also carry out a health and safety risk assessment.  

This helps us to check your home for any risks to you, your family, or people who might visit you. If our inspectors find anything that needs to be fixed, we’ll book in a time to get the work carried out. 

In addition, we will be measuring the energy performance of your home which will help us to make decisions about future energy improvements to your home.  

Why it is important? 

It is important these surveys are completed to ensure homes are safe, comfortable and up to current standards. It also helps us to maintain the homes and prevent additional work in the future.  

How long will it take? 

Each survey will take between 30 mins and 1 hour to complete, depending on the size and type of home. The surveyor will need access to every room in your home, including the roof space but they will not need to dismantle anything or lift carpets etc. The surveyors will need to take photos of key areas of your home including the kitchen and bathroom as well as the outside. 

We want to say a big thank you to residents for their help and patience as we finish this important job. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Access Team on 0800 5870211 or email information@jrht.org.uk 

You can also book an appointment direct with Watts, freephone number is 0808 281 1029.