New Earswick, York

The village of New Earswick, on the outskirts of York, is a thriving Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust mixed-income community with facilities for residents of all ages.


New Earswick is situated on the outskirts of York, YO32.

A frequent bus service connects the village with York city centre and it is within easy reach of the shopping and leisure facilities at Clifton Moor and Monks Cross. The River Foss runs alongside the village and provides a green and picturesque walk or cycle into York city centre.

Community ethos

The community was planned and built by Joseph Rowntree in 1904 as a self-governing garden village alternative to the overcrowded and insanitary housing then available to workers, with its own facilities and generous open green space. Today, our aim is to maintain an inclusive neighbourhood that addresses loneliness, dementia, poverty and digital exclusion involving people of all ages.

Community facilities

The village has a range of community facilities including a community centre with café; children’s centre with library; a Sports and Social Club with swimming pool, tennis courts and sports pitches; doctor’s surgery; a post office and range of shops; allotments; parks and play areas; and a nature reserve with Angling Club

The Folk Hall community centre provides a focus for community activities in the village. It is a busy centre hosting activities such as keep-fit, yoga, snooker, a junior youth club, a summer activity scheme and advice and information services.

In line with Joseph Rowntree’s wishes for local people to be able to grow their own vegetables, the village continues to support 36 allotments in two areas – Willow Bank and Sleeper Path. The allotments are actively used by residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables. A recycling area next to the Sleeper Path allotments can be used for the disposal of garden waste and residents can buy locally produced compost made by the New Earswick Composting Project, which collects kitchen waste from many homes.


Accommodation in New Earswick includes flats, bungalows and two, three or four bedroom houses, some of which are designed specifically for people at all stages of their lives, with some adapted specifically for older people and adults with physical and learning difficulties. They are available to rent, part-buy or buy through our shared and full ownership schemes depending on your circumstances. Gardens are an important feature of homes in New Earswick.

Churches and Parish Council

There are several churches within New Earswick, including Methodist and Christadelphian churches and a (Quaker) Friends’ Meeting House, with Church of England and Catholic churches nearby.

New Earswick lies within the larger boundary of New Earswick parish. A Parish Council was created in 1934 to serve the needs of residents. The New Earswick Parish Council is made up of ten elected councillors and meetings are held monthly at the Folk Hall, which all residents are welcome to attend.

Little Rowans Playgroup and Pre-School

The Little Rowans playgroup meets twice a week (Monday and Wednesday 12.30-3pm), providing places for two-year-olds and the Little Rowans pre-school group meets every morning (8.45-11.45am) during term-time, providing places for three and four year olds. Both are held at The Family Tree Children’s Centre which has excellent facilities and plenty of outdoor space.

The Ofsted-registered provision is supported by qualified and experienced staff, who deliver activities to meet the National Curriculum for the age group and operate on a ratio of staff to children that is greater than legal requirements to create a happy, friendly and safe environment where each child is recognised as an individual and empowered to learn and develop at their own pace. It is also fully inclusive and able to support children who are disabled and/or have special educational needs.

The playgroup is an ideal way to help children gain confidence and be more independent before they move on to the pre-school group. Close connections with the neighbouring primary school means that children can enjoy a smooth transition from pre-school to the school nursery.

Parents are included in all aspects of the work at Little Rowans and sessions, which are amongst the lowest cost childcare in York with generous discounts for siblings, can be booked per term in advance. The Early Years Entitlement funding available for three and four-year-olds covers a full 15 hours per week placement at Little Rowans and some two-year-olds are also eligible for funding.

For further information about Little Rowans and to register for a child placement call 0800 0288911 or email


The primary and secondary schools in New Earswick, set up by Joseph Rowntree, pioneered innovative building design, introduced modern teaching methods, and fostered relationships with the wider community. Today, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust offers ongoing support to both schools, nominating 50% of governors, and funding a wide range of practical projects which seek to strengthen links between the school and the wider community. Such projects encompass early years, parenting, youth activity, inter-generational links, school mentoring, community arts and drama, community philosophy, and youth reward schemes.

New Earswick Primary School is one of eight Integrated Children’s Centres in York, which incorporates the village library and Little Rowans Playgroup and Pre-School, making it a hub of learning and support for local families.

The Joseph Rowntree Secondary School, a Technology Specialist School which encourages the take up of science subjects, was completely rebuilt in 2009. Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust commissioned a design champion for the school and supported consultation with the local community.

Resident involvement and volunteering

New Earswick provides many opportunities for community involvement and volunteering. The Village Council was formed in 1907 to manage the Folk Hall and develop a ‘civic spirit’ in the village. Today, residents’ interests are represented by an elected Residents’ Forum and a Community Association which manages the Folk Hall.

Many homes and communal areas in the village are maintained by our own Direct Labour Organisation. A community improvement suggestion scheme allows households in the village to vote on what work is carried out each year.

The New Earswick Angling Club, which was formed in 1948 and actively involves people of all ages, is managed by local volunteer enthusiasts.


New Earswick is a stable community with a crime rate lower than the York average, making it a safer place to live, work and raise a family. We work closely with the police and the various Neigbourhood Watch groups in the village to minimise anti-social behaviour and fund local projects, such as the Community Philosophy project, to understand and address issues around crime and community safety.

Find out more

To find out more about living in New Earswick, read our resources for residents, contact us or view our homes.