Our board members' register of interests

Our board, its members and JRHT maintain high standards of integrity and conduct. As part of that commitment, we maintain a register of interests which is reported at every board meeting. Members are also required to declare any interests relating to items on the agenda at all board meetings.
JRHT board members' register of interest

Board member


Terrie Alafat

Chair of Riverside

Chair of Hestia

Trustee and Deputy Chair of Crisis

Chair of Mears Customer Scrutiny Board

Trustee of Nationwide Foundation

Trustee of SASC

Trustee of Grosvenor Hart Homes

Alistair Brown

Paid employee of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)

Trustee of the Avenues Group

Member of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

Member of the Association of Project Managers (APM)

Dan Gray

Paid employee of Aspire Housing Ltd.

Director of Durata Development Ltd. (subsidiary of Aspire)

Director of Incana Sales Ltd. (subsidiary of Aspire)

Director of Achieve Training, Staffordshire  (subsidiary of Aspire)

Chair of Kidsgrove Town Deal Board, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Board Member of Shared Prosperity Fund board, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Paul Jenkins

Trustee of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Chair of Mental Health UK

Volunteer for the Hammersmith and Fulham Citizens Advice Bureau

Angela Lockwood

Chief Executive Officer of North Star Housing Group

Board Member of the National Housing Federation

Board Member of the Borderlands Consortia (ACE project)

Non-Executive Director of Mears Group PLC

David Lunts

Trustee of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Chief Executive of the Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation

Gillian Russell

Trustee of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Partner at Deloitte LLP

Director of High Seas Ltd.

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland

Dan Ryan Director of Operations at Methodist Homes