Resident involvement


Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust works with residents to make sure we provide the best possible and most fit for purpose communities, homes and services.

Our resident involvement strategy

Our resident involvement strategy

In order to achieve our strategic plan, we must work to support strong resident groups and engagement. These empower residents to shape the services which work for them. We must also support community initiatives. This includes groups which help residents to create lasting, positive social change in their neighbourhoods.

Why it is important for residents to get involved

Why it is important for residents to get involved

You know best how to make things better, because you receive the service that we provide. You live in the communities and areas we serve. No matter how big or how small you can make a difference. You can get involved by helping improve the services you receive from us. Or helping change and improve the area you live in.

By giving some of your time we can find out what is good or bad about what we do. What works and what doesn’t. Everyone has an opinion and we want to listen to yours so we can improve. It's not only about listening but also ensuring what we say we'll do, we actually do.

Support and help

Support and help

We'll do everything we can to give you the support you need to feel comfortable about getting involved. Don’t worry if you can’t get to a meeting or can’t afford bus fare or childcare. We can always help arrange transport. We will cover any reasonable expenses as long as you provide a receipt.

Ways to get involved

Ways to get involved

Below are examples of opportunities available to residents at the moment. Also, roughly how much time each activity requires. We appreciate that not every option will be suitable for everybody. Hopefully there should be something for all. If you want to be involved in a way that isn’t included in the list then let us know. We can see what we can do to accommodate you.

Do you have an idea for your local area? Want to get more involved with your community? Or be part of a group looking to improve services for residents? Please come to the Garth and talk to a member of the Community Development Team, or contact us.

Board member

This is the highest level of resident involvement. The Board ultimately is responsible for everything that we do. Board members ensure we act in accordance with the law. And also, the regulatory standards that are set for social landlords.

Time commitment:

Full Board members are likely to commit at least 146 hours per year to carry out their role effectively. This could be as much as 200 hours in a very busy year.

Resident Scrutiny Panel

Resident Scrutiny Panel (RSP) is a group of residents from rented, shared ownership and fully owned homes. They live in different communities. The RSP work together to research different service areas. They make recommendations for change based on the evidence they find. They present their findings to the Board. Although the group only started to work together in June 2015, they are already making a difference to services.

Time Commitment:

Two to three hours a month for monthly meetings. Additional time will be required whilst completing a project, training or reading paperwork.

Focus Groups

We regularly get together groups of residents who look at specific service areas. These are usually residents who have received the service, or the service is relevant to them. In the past, focus groups have looked at our strategic plan, modernisation, gas checks policy and VOIDS. A good way of getting involved if you don’t have time to join a group on a regular basis.

Time Commitment:

Each focus group lasts approximately one to three hours.

News panel

Our resident magazine is sent to all residents. It is produced three times a year. The news panel consist of both staff and residents. The panel meets before each issue to discuss content. This includes information for, and stories about, our residents and the latest news in the world of housing. The panel then comments on it before it goes to print.

Time Commitment:

One lunchtime meeting per issue, each approximately two hours. Additional time to look at and edit the final version.

Local resident groups

There are a number of existing resident groups. They are made up of tenants and home owners who meet regularly to talk about local issues. They can make, and have made a huge difference to the communities they are based in.

Time Commitment:

One meeting once a month, for approximately one to two hours.

To find out if there is a resident group in your area, or to set up a group, contact us.

Residents Voice

The Residents Voice group represents resident groups and committees across all our communities. It looks at decisions about improving housing and neighbourhood services. As part of the group you will be representing your community, scheme or area. The meetings are to share news with other residents and feedback to us about our services.

Time Commitment:

Three meetings a year, approximately two to three hours. Can be at various locations.

Diversity Group

Our diversity group improves and promotes equality and diversity in everything we do. They advise and provide feedback on equality and diversity. They provide a forum for discussion. The group is responsible for monitoring all key data on equality and diversity. It's for identifying issues to be addressed, and agreeing actions.

Time Commitment:

Three meetings a year, approximately two to three hours.

Resident Advisor

These are volunteers who work closely with staff. They help to monitor and develop our services in a particular area of operations. Resident Advisors receive appropriate training to prepare for their role. This is arranged and paid for by us. Typically Resident Advisors assess an agreed aspect of a service. They read documents and carry out interviews, surveys, phone calls and personal visits. They then make recommendations on how the service can be developed. They identify both the positive and negative aspects. They can also summarise the comments of other residents.

Time Commitment:

Average of one or two days per month.

Community events and groups

We encourage and support wider community involvement. This includes social events, interest groups, environmental projects and events for unrepresented groups and individuals. This includes children and families.

You can also set up or join a ‘walkabout’ in your community. This is to point out areas of concern about cleanliness and maintenance of your area.

Resident surveys

Resident satisfaction surveys are undertaken for some of our services. Please take the time to complete and return these to us.