Modernisation and improvement


Information and guidance on our programme of property modernisation and repair work and what it means for you.

JRHT runs a programme of modernisation and major repairs all year, every year.

Our Modernisation and Planned Maintenance Team (MODS) work with the JRHT direct labour team (DLO) and external companies. There is an on-going programme of value for money, modernisation and improvement to our properties.

In 2017 they completed work to the value of £2.25 million. This included a focus on energy enhancements to homes. It involved work on 195 replacement combination boilers, and 55 properties with double glazed windows. It also included 14 replacement insulated porches and doors to listed properties, and 40 kitchens and bathrooms. There was also associated estate improvement work.

Our £1.7 million programme of modernisation for 2018 aims to provide large savings and value for money for our residents. This will continue delivery of replacement double glazing across our stock, and energy-efficient combi boilers.

Our team will be surveying our housing to identify any further energy-efficiency improvements we can deliver. This will reduce residents' energy bills and fuel consumption. It will also ensure that all our property information is up to date.

If your property is due to have improvement works, the MODS team will be in touch. You'll be invited to open events, starting with a heating roadshow at the Open Shop. We will be on hand to provide answers to any questions and queries that you may have.

To discuss our modernisation and major repairs programme, contact our Customer Services Team on 0800 587 0211. You can email them at [email protected].