Insurance for leaseholders


Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust rental properties are protected by our buildings insurance. Tenants are responsible for insuring carpets, furnishings and contents.

Our buildings insurance

Our buildings insurance

Our buildings insurance covers for damage caused by:

  • fire, smoke, explosion, lightning;
  • riots and strikes;
  • malicious damage and vandalism to your property;
  • impact by aircraft or other aerial devices, or anything dropped from them, vehicles, trains, animals, falling trees or branches, falling aerials or masts and falling television satellite dishes;
  • storm or flood;
  • subsidence or heave of the site on which the building stands or landslip;
  • bursting or leaking of water apparatus and the escape of water from, or freezing of, any fixed domestic water or heating installation;
  • theft or attempted theft;
  • the cost of repairing accidental damage to cables, underground pipes and drains (and their inspection covers) serving the building;
  • accidental breakage in the building of glass and sanitary fixtures.

If your home is made uninhabitable by any of the causes listed above, the cost of reasonable alternative accommodation and temporary storage of furniture will be paid until we consider your home is habitable. Our insurance also covers damage done to landscaped gardens by the emergency services in attending the building due to damage through the causes listed above and landlord’s liability for third party claims.

Damage that tenants are liable for

Damage that tenants are liable for

You will need to cover the cost of or take out your own insurance to cover damage:

  • by pets;
  • to paved terrace, fences, gate, paths and drives, unless the building is damaged at the same time from the same cause (relates to subsidence);
  • caused by rust and corrosion or other wear and tear and deterioration;
  • that you are legally responsible to repair – for example ‘wear and tear’, or general repairs and maintenance;
  • that is not accidental and/or foreseen.
Making a claim

Making a claim

To make a claim, inform us of damage that has occurred for which you will make a claim, or for help in an emergency, please contact us.