First and starter tenancy


For those who wish to rent our properties, Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust offers two types of housing tenancies: first and starter.

First tenancy

First tenancy

Typically, a first tenancy involves a tenant who is living independently for the first time and needs support. The areas where these tenants most need guidance include furnishing their property, keeping up with payments, and accessing relevant benefits.

Starter tenancy

Starter tenancy

A starter tenancy is a type of assured shorthold tenancy that lasts for 12 months. If requirements of the tenancy are met, it converts to a full assured non-shorthold tenancy after 12 months. If requirements of the tenancy are not met, it may be ended or the starter period extended.

Why we have starter tenancies

Residents are entitled to live peacefully in their homes. We do not tolerate antisocial behaviour. We use starter tenancies alongside our other policies to deal with antisocial behaviour and nuisance. They also help us deal with non-payment of charges and other management problems. They can be ended more easily than other types of tenancy agreement.

For more information on starter tenancies please contact us or Citizens Advice.

Things to consider about each tenancy agreement

Before accepting a tenancy there are many things you need to consider, especially if this is your first tenancy. You need to think about the cost of furniture and fittings for your new home. Also consider the ongoing costs of living independently. These include rent, council tax, insurance, TV license, gas, electricity, water, housekeeping costs, the cost of running a car.

It is important to identify all the up-front and ongoing costs. Create a budget to work out what you can afford, as well as considering the cost of credit.

Check whether you are eligible for Housing Benefit, Council Tax Benefit, or a social grant fund or loan.

If you fall into debt or fail to meet the terms of a tenancy agreement the consequences are varied. They could range from a TV licence fine to eviction from, or repossession of, your home. They could involve seizure of goods, legal fees or even imprisonment. It is therefore important that you plan carefully. Seek advice before things get worse. If you do get into debt, do not ignore the problem.

Our Money and Benefits Advisers can help you and we also have community furniture stores in York, Hartlepool and Scarborough.

To find out more about rental opportunities see homes for rent and what’s available.