Update on recent and planned work at Derwenthorpe - March 2023


Road works

Please see below information supplied by David Wilson Homes, Veolia and other contractors. 

  • In our last update in February, we said that David Wilson Homes (DWH) via their subcontractor Hughes Brothers were planning to start remediation work to the roads (initially this would be focussed on the LAP area on St. Aelreds Mews) from the 06 March 2023.   
  • We have now been informed that this work is delayed and will not start on the date originally communicated (06 March). The cause of the delay is due DWH carrying out a further exercise to investigate the possibility of reducing the amount of work required, thus reducing the time and impact on residents.  
  • DWH have informed us that they envisage that work to the roads will start during April. Once this is confirmed, DWH will be writing to all residents directly impacted with further information.  
  • Wasteclean a subcontractor of David Wilson Homes (DWH) is continuing to work on preparation work to clear the sewer and surface water pipes which needs to be completed before work can start to the roads on Seebohm Quarter. 
  • Veolia/Eneteq and Hughes Bros Ltd (on behalf of DWH) have competed the initial work in the area between the compound and Barron House.  This was to expose valves so these can be replaced, and a new chamber built for the district heating system. This will help add resilience to the district heating system. It was also necessary to progress the outstanding work on Derwent Way (including the bus stop) which are now complete and backfilled. 
  • Hughes Bros Ltd (on behalf of DWH) are continuing their work in the Lotherington Quarter (phase 2) to expose values for the district heating system.  



Building homes on the Old National Grid site west of Metcalfe Lane (also known as Phase 5)

Camstead Homes have now completed the initial preparation on the land which has included creating access, clearing the land, removing debris and materials as well as securing the area.  

Camstead Homes are planning for the next stage of work to install services and build foundations. This work is planned to start during April.  

Before this work can start, materials will need to be delivered to the site.  This means there will be a number of large deliveries arriving on site in April and we will update the residents impacted once Camstead have the delivery dates. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience and cooperation.