Posted on22 Oct 2020

Trees are fantastic

Trees are essential to our living environment, they improve air quality, look beautiful throughout the seasons, provide a habitat for birds and insects, assist in taking up excess water and reducing the risk of boggy gardens and provide much needed shade for homes and gardens. However, if trees are growing in the wrong place or are not cared for properly, they can also cause problems. In some communities, trees have been growing for more than 100 years which means some trees may need attention to protect them and keep residents and the local community safe.

Looking after trees

This Summer and Autumn members of JRHT’s Parks & Landscape Team have been undertaking a Tree Safety Survey in the gardens of our rented properties. The surveys have been completed within gardens in Huntington and the team are now focusing on surveying trees in gardens in New Earswick.

Dan Booth, Landscape Manager explains

‘We appreciate it can be very difficult and costly for individuals to care for the trees they inherit when they move into a home. The new Tree Safety Policy sets an approach for how we will check and manage trees across our communities. Our aim is to care for and protect them and enhance the area they are situated in for everyone’s benefit.’

The team analyse the information from the survey so that we can be aware if work is needed. If work is needed, we will write to the resident to provide details of the work needed, reasons for carrying out the work as well as the planned date of when the work will be completed.

There are some stunning examples of rare trees across our communities with the ‘Indian bean tree’ pictured below at the entrance to White Rose Avenue in New Earswick.

The right species of trees can also provide benefits in the internal environment, for example in the atrium at Hartfield’s Manor, where we are currently replacing the ficus shrubs with more suitable trees for the indoors.

In Derwenthorpe, this summer local residents from the nature group have played a big part in caring for the newly planted trees to get them off to a great start.

If you have any concerns about a large tree in your garden, please contact our Customer Services Team email [email protected] or telephone 08005870211.

Indian bean tree in New Earswick

Your favourite tree

Finally, if you have a tree near you that you’d like to celebrate send us a photograph of yourself with the tree you love to [email protected].

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