Thoroughly modern homes


Posted on3 Apr 2017

JRHT’s maintenance and modernisation team are looking forward to a large, exciting and varied scheme in 2017.

We aim to build on the high levels of customer satisfaction achieved in 2016. We will focus on practical delivery of housing aspects of the anti-poverty strategy, launched by JRF last year.

The 2016 modernisation programme was delivered by the team working with successful contractors both large and local. The schemes totalled £1.48 million. This included 68 kitchens, 53 bathrooms and 105 replacement combination boilers. JRHT teams also successfully delivered a number of kitchen and boiler schemes throughout the village. They continued the collaborative working relationship they have developed with customers over recent years.

Local contractors worked on a large replacement window programme. They swapped single glaze, timber windows for thermal efficient PVCu double-glazed windows. They also swapped composite doors outside of the conservation area, and timber double glazing within.

A new painting contractor successfully completed external painting on 199 properties and the swimming pool in 2016. The high standard of work to resident homes was reflected in the excellent levels of customer satisfaction (90%). The contractor was also involved in decoration improvement works in the communal dining room at Hartrigg Oaks centre. This followed extensive resident consultation.

The £2.25 million 2017 programme aims to continue the good work. It will provide significant value for money savings through a new partnership with Efficiency North procurement group. This will allow delivery of works to more homes than previously possible in the current economic climate.

This focus on energy efficiency fits the housing aspects of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation’s anti-poverty strategy. It delivers energy efficient improvements to customers’ homes. They benefit from reduced energy bills and fuel consumption. We are therefore looking forward to a large programme of replacement double-glazed windows and energy-efficient combi boilers. Also a reduced programme of replacement kitchens and bathrooms.

Our aim is for all JRHT properties to have double glazing and energy-efficient combi boilers by the end of 2018.

Energy enhancement works to porches and doors on a number of listed properties in the village will begin. This will be following an extensive consultation period with City of York Council. We are also looking forward to working closely with Hartrigg residents to provide enhanced heating in their bungalows.

Over the next few weeks you will see more of the JRHT team. We will continue to survey the housing stock to ensure all our property information remains up-to-date. This means we can deliver the modernisation works needed to maintain the housing stock to a decent standard. We can spend in a targeted way to ensure value for money over the next few years.

Thank you for your continued support. If you have questions, please get in touch with the customer service team.

Call JRHT customer services on 0800 587 0211 or 01904 735000