Superfast fibre broadband finally available at Hartfields


Posted on2 Feb 2018

After an almost year-long campaign, led by JRHT residents and staff, superfast fibre broadband is finally available at Hartfields.

BT Openreach have now completed the final stage of work and Hartfields' residents can now purchase fibre broadband.

If residents already have broadband, it won't automatically upgrade to fibre, and you will need to place an order with a provider who offers fibre. This is because fibre broadband runs on different technology, and an engineer may need to visit your home to install the necessary equipment.

If you choose not to upgrade to superfast fibre broadband, you will be able to continue using your existing broadband service as normal.

How to find out what deals are available:

If residents are thinking of getting broadband for the first time, or switching your current broadband to fibre, we would fully recommend shopping around before buying.

Residents can ring up different providers (such as BT, TalkTalk, etc.) and see what they have available, but the best option would be to use an online comparison website, which can offer better deals if you sign up for broadband online. Here are some comparison websites, and their telephone numbers if you would rather speak with someone directly over the phone:    (0800 688 8557)    (0800 380 0068)    (0800 211 8144)

Do you live in Hartfields and have a question about this, or anything else to do with your computer or digital devices?

On Tuesday 6 February from 10am - 2pm, JRHT staff will be running our first ever IT Café event at Hartfields, taking place in the Atrium. So, if you are a resident in Hartfields and have any questions about fibre broadband or any other digital related queries, we will be on hand, and more than happy to help with them.