Resident satisfaction survey February 2021


Posted on19 Feb 2021

Like most organisations, the views of our “customers”- in our case, the people who live in the homes and communities we provide, are really important to us, to help us improve the services we provide. There are a number of ways residents can give us feedback, we conduct more in-depth surveys every three years. This year we have asked a company called “Service Insights” to conduct the survey on our behalf.

Resident census December 2020

In December, Service Insights Ltd asked all residents questions, as part of a JRHT census, to help improve the information we hold. For example, gaining an up-to-date email address or mobile telephone number as well as potential needs you may have, to help us contact you in a way that works for you. This information helps us to develop our processes to provide a better experience for you as well as reducing costs. We are really pleased to say more than 800 residents responded to the census.

Resident satisfaction survey 2021

We now want to understand more about your perceptions and views of the services we deliver. Service Insights Ltd will be sending all tenants and leaseholders a residents’ satisfaction survey via email, SMS message or post. The questions in the survey are designed to give us an overall impression of the views of residents about JRHT as a landlord, including views about the condition of your home and where you live, and the customer service we provide. Your individual responses are anonymous to JRHT unless you give permission for them to be shared.

2020 has been an unprecedented year and as such we believe it is even more important to find out the views of our residents and understand their circumstances. We have also included some questions devised by the Office for National Statistics which are used by many public bodies help to understand more about the wellbeing of the nation and this too is important to us particularly during a pandemic.

Set out below is some frequently asked questions and information survey. If you have any queries questions, please contact Louise Darby Resident Involvement Officer email [email protected] or Customer Access Team telephone 0800 587 0211.

You can also complete the survey now by clicking on the QR code below.

Frequently asked questions

The survey is being run to capture residents (tenants’ and leaseholders’) views and perceptions about JRHT and the services it provides. The results of the survey will be used to inform future decision making, with the overall aim of improving the services.

What is the survey about?

The survey is mainly about the services, this includes questions about your home, the repairs services, contact with JRHT and your view on the importance of different services. Some questions help JRHT understand how they compare to other landlords. There are also four questions about well being developed by the Office for National Statistics.

Do I have to take part?

The survey is voluntary, so no one is obliged to take part. However, taking the time to complete the survey will help JRHT to better understand your views and what improvements might be needed in the future. As a thank you for taking part, JRHT are offering a prize draw.

What will you do with my responses?

All the responses are sent direct to Service Insights Ltd. They will remain anonymous, confidential, and secure. Your individual views will never be identified unless you give permission. Responses are grouped together to see how JRHT is viewed as a landlord and to inform what changes we may need to change to improve services. JRHT will only receive anonymous data unless you indicate otherwise.

Who are Service Insights?

Service Insights are an independent research company chosen by JRHT to run this survey. Service Insights fully abides by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and Data Protection legislation.

I do not understand a question what should I do?

It is fine to leave a question blank if you want to. Alternatively, there is a Service Insights helpline which you can call for assistance. This helpline is 0800 1931174.

I do not want to answer some questions.

That is fine too – if you feel uncomfortable answering some of the questions then leave that question blank. Some of the questions ask for details you may not want to share. However, answering these questions will enable JRHT to get a better understanding of residents’ experiences and circumstances.

When is the survey deadline?

Reminders will be sent during the survey period. The deadline for returns is Friday 5th March 2021.