Planned closure of Lamel Beeches care home


Posted on5 Feb 2022

We are sorry to announce that Lamel Beeches will close as a residential and nursing home setting later this year. JRHT is working on the basis that the closure will take place by mid to late May.

The reasons for the closure are primarily financial. Unfortunately, Lamel Beeches has been operating with high room vacancy rates for the past two years. This has made it impossible for the home to break even. The financial challenge has been made harder by the nature of the building. An old conversion, its layout makes it harder and more costly to provide a safe service compared with our purpose-built residential care homes. Major alterations will be needed to keep it up to date with the standards expected of residential care providers. The cost of these works is predicted to be very high.

Given this, we believe that the most responsible way forward now is to focus our care provision in York around our purpose-built sites at New Lodge and at Hartrigg Oaks. Our hope is that having considered their needs, most residents will choose to move to New Lodge, or the Oaks, if they require nursing care. And that staff will choose to work at one of the two after the planned closure.

This week’s announcement marks the start of a challenging time for our colleagues and the residents we serve at Lamel Beeches. Rest assured that we will approach the planned closure carefully, putting the needs and welfare of residents and staff at the centre of all our plans. Considerable support will be in place to help people as they consider their options.