Our landscapes team prepare for the summer months


Posted on27 Apr 2021

Our team have been busy creating new features for residents to enjoy.

Installing bird boxes

Collaborating with local residents, the Landscape team have installed bird boxes in Birch Park and Victoria Woods in Huntington, York.

“We have a further 12 to go up around the woods on Nightingale and Disraeli Close and we have some great projects in the pipeline for the woodland areas” said Adam Warren, Chargehand Gardener.

The boxes are from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) and offer accommodation for a diverse range of nesting birds - including sparrows, great tits, blue tits and nuthatches.

Soon after the team had finished installing the bird boxes in Victoria Woods, blue tits could be seen flying between the boxes to investigate.

Spring is the ideal time to go bird watching, as the birds are most active during the spring and summer months. The bird boxes provide an ideal environment for nesting birds.

Last summer, the Scheme Manager at Roxby Gardens and residents of Old School Court were fortunate enough to witness fledglings leaving the bird boxes last year.

New indoor planting in the Atrium

The planters within the Atrium at Hartfields Manor have been transformed into a tropical paradise. Mike (gardener) has carefully selected a range of plants which give the appearance of a tropical jungle but without the need for tropical temperatures.

The planters feature several different types of plants but here are a few of Mike’s favourites:

  • Dragon trees (Dracaena fragrans 'Lemon Lime' and Dracaena marginata 'Red Edged'). These are the tall palm-like plants in the centre of each planter.
  • Philodendron ('Xanadu' and 'Imperial Red'), one of which has fantastic dark red leaves, and the other is a seemingly miniature version of the giant horse-head philodendron.

Seating area at old School Court

The landscapes team have tidied up an unused area of land under a shady tree within the gardens at the Old School Court in Upper Poppleton in York.

A circular bench was recently purchased from money left over from coffee mornings which could not take place due to COVID restrictions. The bench provides a welcoming shady spot and is already proving popular with residents.