New Lodge: Talking building site safety in schools


Posted on20 Dec 2017

Working partnership with Wates Residential (Wates), JRHT have visited two local schools to talk about safety around building sites.

Building work for JRHT’s exciting New Lodge development has now started. Stacey Parry, JRHT’s Community Engagement Officer, has given talks about site safety with the builders, Wates. Together they've been to New Earswick Primary School and Joseph Rowntree School.

The talks covered the dangers and hazards of building sites. They explained what the different safety signs around the New Lodge site mean.

Each talk was designed for their specific audiences. The Primary School assembly was very interactive. Pupils tried on safety wear, and answered a range questions around staying safe.

They were also taught the “SPLAAT” (Safe Play At All Times) code. Each of them was given a child friendly booklet to read at home.

Stacey Parry, Wates Project Manager Craig Wood, and New Earswick Primary School Headteacher Angela Oswald, with pupils.

At Joseph Rowntree School, a more hard-hitting assembly was delivered to year groups seven to ten. They gave real-life examples of accidents on building sites, along with a question and answer session.

Stacey was pleased with the talks:

“The New Lodge development is going to take just over three years to complete. We have a responsibility to make young people in the area aware of the hazards of building sites.

We would like to thank both schools for their support in allowing us to do this. Also the pupils for their behaviour. Delivering this serious message was an enjoyable task. We would love to come back.”

Next year, JRHT and Wates hope to deliver a talk to the year 11 group at Joseph Rowntree School. They will give talks at other schools in the local area. They also intend on returning every year with a similar message as the New Lodge site develops over time. There will also be workshops on careers in construction.

The New Lodge site is under surveillance and has been fenced off. Both JRHT and Wates encourage the community to spread the word about being safe around it. You can report suspicious behaviour on or around the site to the Customer Services Team on 0800 587 0211 or [email protected].