New Earswick Swimming Pool set for transfer to the community


Posted on23 Nov 2018

The JRHT Board has agreed that the swimming pool will stay open and that it will be transferred to the community by the end of the year.

The swimming pool in New Earswick will stay open, and we plan to transfer it to the Friends of New Earswick Swimming Pool (FoNESP) by the end of the year.

Negotiations began six months ago, and together we have made good progress on the key areas that need to be agreed before any handover takes place.

During this time, we have developed an excellent working partnership with FoNESP. They have worked hard to take the transfer forwards, and we want to thank them for their dedication and perseverance.

Many of our staff have also worked hard to provide support and guidance around the practicalities of running a swimming pool, including advice about repairing and maintaining the building and employing staff. Both sides have committed time and energy to finding a way forward.

We are now working towards agreeing the terms of a 25-year lease. When the terms are agreed, the FoNESP will take on the responsibility for maintaining the pool building, managing its facilities and running its activities.

The Chief Executive of JRHT, Campbell Robb, said: “Today’s decision to continue with negotiations is a very positive step forwards, and we will now work with the FoNESP to reach our shared goal of a community transfer of the pool.

"I hope that this will herald a new stage in the development of the New Earswick community, alongside the refurbished and revitalised Folk Hall and the state-of-the-art New Lodge care facility currently being built. We wish to work alongside the residents of the village to build a thriving and inclusive community.”