New Earswick for All Ages update - November 2017


Posted on30 Nov 2017

We're delighted that the building work for New Lodge is now underway. Here's what JRHT and Wates the builders are doing to make sure the work is successful for the community.

Traffic management plan

Wates have now given JRHT a detailed Traffic Management Plan. This looks at how the traffic from the building work will affect the village. More importantly, it looks at what they will do to lessen its impact. Here’s some important information from the plan, covering the first stages of work:

  • Wates will avoid building site traffic passing through the village during school drop-off and pick-up times. These are 8:15am and 3:20pm.
  • To help keep residential areas clear, staff vehicles will use the car park at New Earswick Sports Club.
  • Traffic will only enter the village from the A1237 by-pass road. It will only travel to the site through Lime Tree Avenue.
  • Wates will employ a ‘Gate Banksman’ who will be on site during working hours. They will work to allow site traffic in and out of the site. This is opposed to parking in the residential areas.
  • There will be a wheel washing facility for traffic leaving the building site.
  • Wates will run a regular street cleaning service along the route in and out of the site.

Site safety and security

The building site has been fenced off by Wates to make it safe and secure. It will be under surveillance. We want to remind residents and their families about the dangers of entering a building site.

Working with schools

JRHT’s Community Engagement Officer, Stacey Parry, will help Wates deliver construction safety talks at local schools in early December.

New Lodge web page!

To receive more regular updates, news and key information about New Lodge, visit:

It’s off to work we go: JRHT’s Chief Executive Campbell Robb with Wates’ Residential Managing Director, Joanne Jamieson, and colleagues from both organisations.

Temporary path and old library building

A new temporary path has been laid, to the rear of Red Lodge. It allows access to continue between Lime Tree Avenue through to the Folk Hall and surgery. The old library building is due for demolition in December. This will temporarily be replaced with office space and welfare facilities for the site staff.

Multi-Use-Games-Area (MUGA)

The MUGA will be moved to the village green opposite the shops. However, due to the discovery of a rising water main under the green, this will sadly be delayed. We still expect to re-open the MUGA in 2018. Its new position on the green may be slightly different to the original plan. We will work with the school and nearby residents on this.

Monthly drop in sessions at the new Open Shop

Stacey will also begin a monthly ‘drop in’ session at the Open Shop. It is just next to the shops along Hawthorne Terrace. Residents will be able to find out more about New Lodge and ask questions. The Open Shop’s notice boards will have the exact days and times.

New play park

Stacey is working with a group of residents to look into the options around the new play park. Anyone who wants to get involved is welcome to get in touch.

If you have any questions please contact Stacey by phone on 01904 406252 or by email at [email protected].

Please note - Wates will not be on site over Christmas from 22 December 2017 to 2 January 2018.