Make time for a little fun this Easter - Activities all the family can enjoy


Posted on16 Mar 2021

Easter maybe a little different this year but there is no reason why we cannot make time to have some fun.

Getting outside is easier as the weather’s warming up and spring is in the air but if it happens to be a rainy day then we have got that covered too.

Egg and Spoon race

Test your speed and balance with a good old-fashioned egg and spoon race. Mix it up by adding obstacles or by running a relay. Don’t get egg on your face, remember to boil the eggs first!

Plant some seeds

Easter is the perfect time to sow many seeds and there’s such a variety or flower and vegetable seeds available but you don’t have to buy them to try them. You can try sowing the sunflower seeds contained in many bird foods, a seed from an apple, tomato or even green lentils. Pop them in a little compost, water and keep them on a sunny windowsill.

Make Chocolate Fondue

Melt down any excess chocolate eggs and dip marshmallows. Put strawberries, banana and apple on skewers, then drizzle with the melted chocolate as a healthier alternative.

Perform an act of kindness

You may be good at sewing, baking, singing or telling jokes. Why not share what you’re good at with a neighbour, friend or family member to brighten up their day.

"What do you call a mischievous egg? A practical yolk-er."