Look out for the Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey


At JRHT, we want all residents to live in a good home in a high-quality neighbourhood.  We know we don’t get everything right, but we are always working hard to make our services better and more informed by resident feedback.  One of the ways residents have provided feedback to us in the past has been through our regular ‘Resident Satisfaction Surveys’.  The results of which have enabled us to gain a better understanding of the areas where we need to improve and focus more resources on. 

From this year, the Government have introduced new Tenant Satisfaction Measures, which all registered housing associations need to report against.  The aim of these measures is to provide a clearer picture of how social landlords are performing across the country and help them gain a better understanding of what issues matter most to residents. 

As part of this new work, JRHT will shortly be launching their own Tenant Satisfaction Measures Survey.  This work is being led by an independent research company called Service Insights Ltd, who over the next few weeks will be randomly contacting residents to ask them to complete a short survey.  It will take around 10 minutes to complete and will ask some questions, pre-set by the Government.   

The survey is designed to understand residents’ perception, so people will be asked to tell us how satisfied they are on a range of elements to do with their home and community, such as how good the repairs service is, how well we listen to residents and whether or not we make a positive contribution in their neighbourhood. 

A range of methods will be used for the survey, these include email, text message and postal.  All individual responses will be anonymous to JRHT but will be used to build a picture of the views of our residents as a whole.   

Although it is called the ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’, the survey will not be restricted to people who rent their home and some residents living in shared ownership will also be contacted. 

We appreciate people have busy lives, but we hope as many residents as possible complete the survey if they are contacted by Service Insights Ltd, as it will really help us to improve the services we provide.  Should you have any queries about the survey or need any assistance, please contact the lead researcher Dr Simon Williams, Service Insights Ltd, Freephone on 0800 193 1174 or email info@serviceinsights.co.uk