How To Make Your Garden Bloom This Summer


Posted on25 Jun 2020

Nature, gardens, and gardening have become a great tonic during lockdown. The Folk Hall Gardening Group have met up online and had fun sharing their gardening tips for the summer. There is lots you can do whatever size space you have. Audrey and the gardening group share their top tips for getting the most out of your space with flowers, plants, and edibles.

Tips for summer

There is something tantalizing about the smell of home-grown tomatoes and tomato plants are still readily available to pick up. Grow them outdoors in a sheltered corner, in full sun and in a container, grow bag or even a hanging basket if you get the bush variety. Just make sure that if using a grow bag, you add in some drainage holes and although there are three spaces for plants, two per bag would work better.

Salad leaves and spinach are a great way to get into growing your own and can be done in pots or a small bed. Plant seeds in short rows, fortnightly, and you will soon have a succession of leaves to pick for salads and filling out sandwiches

Lots of vegetables can be grown vertically making the most of a small space - check out vertical veg on Facebook for more ideas.

Getting plants for free is always a bonus so taking cuttings from lavender, rosemary and hydrangeas can help you get more for your money.

To add a splash of colour to your doorstep, balcony, patio, or garden now is the time to fill containers or hanging baskets with bedding plants. Nasturtiums are fast growing and come in vibrant orange flowers that are edible or if you fill a window box with marigolds, as well as looking pretty, they will ward off wasps and bees from entering your home.

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