Having your say


Posted on25 Jun 2020

None of us could have envisaged the scale and pace of the changes we have seen since the outset of the pandemic. Like all organisations, we have had to change the way we work but we remain as committed as ever to listening to the voices and concerns of residents.

As we emerge from the first wave of coronavirus, we wanted to share with you an overview of the feedback we have received from residents.


It is fantastic to see that during this three-month period our complaints officer received more than 46 formal compliments alongside lots of lovely comments to share with staff which is a considerable increase in the number of compliments we normally receive. Our staff have been working tirelessly to provide high-quality care and support to residents and it is great to see this has been valued by our communities.


Alongside this, we have also seen a notable reduction in the number of complaints across our services with 12 complaints received between March and the end of May this year compared to 45 for a similar period last year. Feedback from complaints and compliments is really useful to us in improving services. During the pandemic we have created new opportunities to hear what residents have to say with online discussion groups.

At a time of considerable pressure for everyone, we have endeavored to deal with complaints as quickly as possible and we thank residents for their understanding.

Chats with Chris Simpson

Currently we are unable to come together in the usual way for residents’ meetings, but we wanted to ensure that we stayed connected with the communities we serve.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been trying stay in regular contact with residents, local representatives, and groups across our communities. Over the past month, Chris Simpson (our Executive Director) has also hosted four video calls with 12 residents and group representatives across our communities.

Eric Hartfields, Louise JRHT, Alan Old School Court, Doug Hartfields, Annette Heslington Court, Chris JRHT and Grace JRF.

Resident Feedback What we are doing

Residents have appreciated the welfare telephone calls from JRHT and the chance to get to know our staff

Our staff have enjoyed keeping in touch with residents and are pleased to have been able to help many people secure the support they need during the lockdown restrictions.

Residents highlighted concern for the well-being of people living on their own as well as fears for young people who have been unable to socialise with others.

We are working on plans for how our services and community activities can restart safely.

Our staff are working closely with community activity groups to connect residents with a range of activities.

We will also be looking at how our frontline sheltered housing staff and neighbourhood officers can visit communities to see people outdoors.

The Post Office at New Earswick Folk Hall has provided a great service and it has been a pleasure to be able to visit there

We have worked hard to ensure the Post Office remains open and continues to provide a safe environment and a valuable lifeline to the community.

Thank you to our Post Office team who have kept this essential service running during this period of uncertainty.

It will be vital to reassure people about the safety of both residents and staff when any repairs or gas servicing are being undertaken in homes

Throughout the pandemic, we have been continuing to conduct emergency repairs and essential gas servicing.

Prior to any visit, our staff will contact residents to confirm they are not shielding or experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.

We thank our Building Services colleagues who have delivered these essential services throughout the pandemic

When conducting any repairs, operatives will be strictly following all Public Health England guidance, including wearing all necessary personal protective equipment.

We are currently working on a plan to restart non-emergency repairs. More details will be shared shortly.

Residents would like more communication in a variety of ways including Vlogs and social media, to make sure key updates are getting to everyone.

During lockdown we have been focusing on new ways to engage residents. This has included enhancing our digital presence via social media and on our website. We have also launched a new e-newsletter which shares key updates and news from across our communities.

However, we understand not everyone is online, so we have posted two written letters to every household and a further update will be delivered before the end of June.

We will continue to look for new, innovative ways to reach more of our residents and welcome any suggestions.

We are actively looking at further ways to engage with more residents in the coming weeks and months. If you would like to be more involved in having your say, please contact [email protected].

Louise JRHT, Will Huntington, Denise New Earswick, Laura Woodlands, Chris JRHT and Grace JRF.