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Posted on13 May 2020

Gardening tips from Audrey at The Folk Hall Gardening Club

Spring is a great time to get started to think about brightening up your environment be it garden, patio, balcony or indoor space. And this year more than ever you may have time on your hands or want to create an activity that can engage and inspire all ages.

People like Audrey with a passion for growing all kinds of edibles both floral and vegetable and willingness to share their knowledge are great to inspire us and give us the confidence to have a go!

Audrey shares her tips for growing edibles

Here are Audrey’s top tips for getting started this May with minimal fuss and equipment

Look out for community plant sharing or seed swapping schemes there are lots of them out there.People who have spare plants are happy to pass them on.Edible York is creating a map to show where you can pick up plants from people’s front gates and there will be similar schemes where you live.

Egg boxes, empty plastic trays can all be used to sow seeds and a light warm windowsill with cling film over the tray will create the right conditions for germination. Follow the instructions on the seed packets for planting on.When they’re ready for the outdoors, containers made from whatever you have to hand are great for both flowers and vegetable.Hanging baskets, old buckets, washing up bowls even wellington boots can be used so long as you add in drainage holes.

If you don’t have an outdoor space, lettuce, rocket, herbs, cress to name just a few can all be grown indoors.

House plants lift indoor space

Indoor house plants are back in fashion with the 70s icon the spider plant still providing that easy to care for green cascade that works hard to help cleanse its surrounding air.

Give it a go and send in photographs of your green oasis we'd love to see them! email [email protected]

Houseplants lift the indoor space