Financial support if you’re living with a disability


Posted on29 Nov 2021

If you’re living with a disability or ongoing health issue, or care for a disabled person, you might be entitled to financial support to help cover the extra costs you incur as a result of living with a disability. If you can’t work because of your disability, you might be able to access government support to help you cover your living costs.

For example:

Disability Living Allowance (‘DLA’) for people under 16:

Personal Independence Payment (‘PIP’) for people of working age:

Attendance Allowance for people of state retirement age:

Eligibility for these benefits is assessed on how severely your disability or health issue impacts on your ability to carry out certain day to day activities. They are not means-tested, so if awarded it will not reduce the amount of money you receive from other benefits. In some situations, it could actually increase the amount you receive through extra ‘Premiums’. Awards of these benefits could also lead to entitlements for other forms of support such as:

Carers Allowance:

Council Tax discounts:

A Blue Badge for parking:

A free bus pass:

Additionally, if your disability or health issue is so severe that it prevents you from working or looking for work, you may also be eligible for one of the following benefits:

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit:

New Style Employment and Support Allowance:

Statutory Sick Pay:

Universal Credit:

More information about these benefits and details of how to claim are available through the above links. The support mentioned in this article for people with disabilities and ongoing health issues, is not an exhaustive list and others may be available depending on the individual circumstances.

For that reason, JRHT offers a free, confidential and impartial Money and Benefits Advice service to all residents and staff. Advisers can assist with benefit claims and identifying other forms of support that may be available. To speak to an adviser or book and appointment, please contact JRHT’s Money & Benefit Advice service on 0800 5870211 or at [email protected]