Financial help with the cost of living


Posted on5 May 2022

Last year we reported on widespread increases to household gas and electricity costs. This was due to changes affecting how suppliers could set their charges for energy, following substantial surges in the wholesale cost of gas.

Unfortunately gas and electricity bills have seen further increases recently, with more set for October. We previously shared information about measures you can take to help manage your energy costs, including comparing tariff rates, addressing energy efficiency and accessing grant schemes.

These measures remain available. Additionally, the Government has now announced further support to help people with the rising cost of energy bills and other household expenses. Customers in the UK may be eligible for a £200 (repayable) discount on domestic energy bills as part of the Energy Bills Rebate. The Government is also offering a £150 (non-repayable) council tax rebate payment for all households liable for council tax in Bands A-D in England. 

How will the Energy Bills Rebate work?

  • Eligible customers will receive a £200 discount on their energy bills this Autumn
  • The discount will be paid back automatically in equal instalments over five years, starting from the 2023-24 financial year, when wholesale gas prices are expected to reduce
  • This approach is intended to help spread the increased costs of global energy prices over time, in a way that is more affordable for customers

How does the council tax rebate work?

  • Eligible households will receive a £150 payment from their local authority. Households paying their council tax by direct debit should have received the payment in April. Local authorities will process claims for households who do not pay by direct debit.
  • The payment does not have to be repaid
  • Households that pay less than £150 towards council tax or do not pay council tax because of council tax support and/or the single occupancy discount, are also eligible for the payment. It will not be paid for second homes or empty properties, or to household that are exempt from paying council tax.
  • Local authorities will also receive an additional £144 million of discretionary funding from the Government to assist households who are not eligible for the council tax rebate. Full details of how this money will be distributed by each council is not yet available

If you are a JRHT resident and struggling with your energy bills, help and support is available from our Money and Benefits Advice team on 0800 5870211 or at [email protected]

You can also find free and independent advice at Simple Energy Advice.