Fifth anniversary of the Grenfell disaster


Posted on14 Jun 2022

Tuesday 14 June marks five years since the Grenfell Tower fire that claimed 72 lives in North Kensington, London.

The Grenfell community is coming together in memory of the 72 people who died, five years on from one of Britain’s worst modern disasters.

A memorial service marking the anniversary will be held at Westminster Abbey on the morning of 14 June, where the names of the victims will be read out. Roses will be laid on the Innocent Victims’ Memorial and an Abbey bell will toll 72 times.

At 2pm, a 72-second silence will be observed at Westfield shopping centre in Shepherd’s Bush, near the tower in North Kensington.

At 4pm, cording around the tower will be removed so survivors, the bereaved and community groups can gather at its base for a multi-faith memorial service and lay flowers and wreaths.

At 6pm, a group made up of survivors and the bereaved are taking part in a Silent Walk beginning at Notting Hill Methodist Church as the community continues to heal and fight for justice.

We invite you to mark the anniversary in whichever way feels appropriate for you.

JRHT is reflecting on the lessons we have learnt from the Grenfell fire tragedy including how those lessons have shaped our work as a social landlord as we continue to ensure resident safety. We'll be sharing these with residents shortly.