Because we all care


Posted on17 Jul 2020

Joseph Rowntree Housing Trust (JRHT) has joined forces with Healthwatch, the Care Quality Commission and other health partners for a new campaign, Because We all Care.

New research shows that since the outbreak of Coronavirus, nearly two thirds of people in England are more willing to support the NHS and social care services by actively providing feedback on the care they receive.

This new campaign will see health and care providers encouraging care users to provide feedback on their individual experience, in order to identify and address issues and provide better and more user-led care in the future.

Anne Marie Roberts, Head of Quality and Compliance said; “Those working in our care services have never worked harder or in more challenging circumstances and yet we are still keen to learn about how we can improve the services we offer as a care provider. We always welcome feedback from the people we support and their family members and by joining this campaign we hope to get even more valuable feedback.“

Anne Marie continues; ‘As we emerge from the pandemic, our focus will be on what works, what we can do better, and we will use the feedback to shape how we deliver care and support in the future.’