Alice in Wonderland comes to Homestead Park


Posted on21 Jun 2021

We are very excited to announce the completion of this year’s summer bedding display at the Homestead Park in York.

Postponed from last year due to the Coronavirus restrictions, the theme this year is Alice in Wonderland. It features willow sculptures of the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, the grinning head of the Cheshire Cat, and a tea party table complete with the mouse in the teapot, and a colourful display of different varieties of bedding plants.

2020 marked 200 years since the birth of Sir John Tenniel who illustrated Lewis Carroll’s books about Alice’s adventures. A concept and design to mark this celebration was created by Naomi Warren, a member of our gardening team.

The sculptures were beautifully crafted by local artist Leilah Vyner of Dragon Willow who has worked with us for several years.

Naomi says that “it was a joy to create this display celebrating Alice in Wonderland. I loved reading the books and the illustrations really brought them to life for me. I’m looking forward to sharing the joy with the children and adults visiting Homestead Park for whom these stories mean so much.”

Previous displays have included the hugely successful Wallace and Gromit theme in 2019, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Winnie the Pooh, Save the bees, as well as a powerful commemoration of the Quaker’s peace work during the first world war.

The formal bedding area can be found near the entrance to the children’s play area, next to the café and plant shop, for opening hours please visit Homestead Park JRHT website.