Incorporation - residents consultation FAQ


Here's where you'll find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the incorporation of JRHT.

JRHT's current structure is very outdated and unusual for a large and complex charity. We are looking to modernise this structure so it is more familiar to people and organisations that we deal with, would provide us with more flexibility for the future, and would be less complicated to operate.

The benefits would be from a number of regular small changes rather than one or two large changes. For example:

  • The current legal form is unusual and we spend a lot of time explaining it to people, including lawyers, when we work with them for the first time. As well as staff time, this results in higher legal fees.
  • The process of selling property by JRHT would be more straightforward and would save legal and valuers’ fees.
  • We would have fewer committees in the governance structure which would save staff time and reduce duplication, which is currently a problem.

You can find out more in the FAQ below.