Derwenthorpe Planned Works


Update on outstanding road works and next stages for Derwenthorpe Phase 5

For some time now and during the pandemic we have been working closely with David Wilson Homes and the City of York Council (CYC) to agree a way forward on plans to complete the outstanding road works. It has taken longer than first anticipated and we fully understand that this has caused frustration for residents.

The programme for the later phases is still to be determined but we are now planning to start on the outstanding work to Phase 1 this year as well as other areas of work which is set out below.

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Rectification of Phase 1 Road Works

The build-up of the existing roads on Derwent Way and around the perimeter roads of Derwent Mews all need to have some work done. In some areas it will mean rebuilding the road and in others it is remedial work to resolve construction issues revealed after trial pit investigations.

The work is expected to start in Spring / Summer 2021*.

The organisation of the work will be logistically complex as it will be necessary to maintain access for residents throughout.

At this time, it is not possible to provide dates of when the work will be completed. However, residents will be fully consulted.

Most of the construction traffic will access the site via Tang Hall / Fifth Avenue and a temporary roadway will be created across the cycleway to enable deliveries of materials.
The materials used to renew the roads will be stored within the central area compound ( map *timing dependent on completing a new section 38 agreement with CYC

Meadlands Junctions with Bad Bargain Lane

As part of the planning permission, it was a requirement to upgrade the two junctions between Meadlands and Bad Bargain Lane to improve driver vision and pedestrian safety
We are waiting for approvals from City of York Council before work can be planned. We are hoping to complete this work by the end of 2021.

The Central Area- Raising of Road Levels

This is the area is located between the Super Sustainable Centre, Newman House, and Barron House.
The perimeter roads in front of Newman House and Barron House need to be raised to achieve the required front level access to these buildings and whilst doing this the landscaped space in front of the buildings will be completed as originally designed. David Wilson have submitted designs to City of York Council for approval. We are hoping to complete this work this year.

Central Area Compound
It will be necessary to continue to use the central area for the storage of materials and parking for contractors until the final stage of construction or remedial works are completed. This will require its use for at least a further 2 years - through to and well into 2023.

Creating a New Central Area
Once the compound is no longer needed and has been removed, the central area will be turned into a quality space which, as currently envisaged, will include a bus stop turnaround, parking for the Super Sustainable Centre, charging points for electric cars, hard standing areas for pop up markets and events along with areas for recreation,
association and some habitat planting.
Please note that the Residents’ Association is currently seeking views and ideas from residents on what they would like the area to be used for and as separate but related
residents project on how the community facilities at the Super Sustainable Centre could be enhanced.

If you would like to share your ideas on the central area, please get in touch with the Residents Association.

Fifth Avenue

Upgrade on the section of road adjacent to St Aelred’s School
This section of road (approx. 70 metres) was purchased from the adjacent private householders before the community was built. The road needs to be upgraded to meet adoptable standards. Work is expected to be carried out during the summer holidays to minimise disruption to the school.
Repairs to Fifth Avenue
David Wilson Homes are currently working with the City of York Council to agree what work is required to restore the road to its original condition before the works commenced.
It is expected that this work will be completed before construction work starts on Derwenthorpe Phase 5 which is likely to start at the earliest in October this year (see below for further information). In line with the planning approval, Fifth Avenue will be the access route for construction traffic for Phase 5.

Tang Hall Road Junction Improvements
As part of the planning permission, it was a requirement to improve the junction between Fifth Avenue and Tang Hall Lane to provide a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists.
We are waiting for approvals from City of York Council before work can be planned. We are hoping to be able to carry out this work at the same time as the repairs to Fifth Avenue.

Phase 5 Construction

40 homes on the old grid site west of Metcalfe Lane.

In July 2019, we were granted planning permission to build an additional 40 homes (9 will either be social rent or shared ownership) on the old National Grid site west of Metcalfe Lane (see map overleaf).

After a successful tender exercise, we are pleased to announce that a land bid has been accepted from Evans Homes Ltd who subject to contract will be the developer for this final stage.
Before construction starts, there will be a full consultation with all residents living within Derwenthorpe (plus residents on Fifth
Avenue), St Aelred’s School and other key stakeholders to shape the construction traffic and environment management plans.

When concluded the plans will be submitted to City of York Council for final approval. It is expected that work on site will start at the earliest October/ November, but this may be delayed until spring when weather conditions are better.

We will work closely with Evans Homes to ensure residents are kept up to date as plans progress.

If you have any queries please contact Stephen Cooke, Development Project Manager

Email: [email protected] Tel: 07870891787