Derwenthorpe - Existing compound on the Central Area


This page provides information on proposed plans for the current compound on the Central Area within Derwenthorpe.

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with David Wilson Homes to develop a proposed plan for the current compound located on the Central Area of Derwenthorpe.

The proposed plan outlines a reduced size compound (which is required for work to the roads adjacent to Barron & Newman House and Fifth Avenue) as well as landscaping, hoarding and fencing.

We feel that the proposed plan addresses many of the previous issues raised by residents about the current compound. It would be great to get your views.

Why is a compound needed on the Central Area?

A compound in the Central Area will be needed for equipment and materials needed to complete the work required to the roads adjacent to Barron and Newman House. This fits in with the approach we are adopting, to whenever possible have compounds adjacent to the required area of work.

In addition, the compound will also be used for materials and equipment required for the repairs to Fifth Avenue.

There no set dates for either the work to roads adjacent to Barron & Newman House or Fifth avenue. Once confirmed, dates will be communicated to residents prior to work commencing.

Proposed plan for compound on Central Area

Proposed new compound on Central Area

Red line shows the existing compound

Blue line shows the proposed new compound

Feedback received about the current compound

  • Visual appearance of the compound - the compound was considered as an eyesore by residents.
  • Lack of fencing and appropriate hoardings – caused concerns about safety from residents.

We feel the above feedback has been considered within our proposed plans.

How to provide feedback?

We would really value your feedback on proposed plans for the current compound.

There are various ways to provide feedback by:

  • Completing the online feedback form – click here
  • Completing a printed feedback form- copies available from the Super Sustainable Centre in Derwenthorpe

Attending one of the drop-in sessions and talking to a colleague from JRHT:

  • Tuesday 07 September (1.30pm - 7pm)
  • Saturday 11 September (10am - 12pm)

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