Shaun Rafferty

Shaun Rafferty

Strategic Director of Communities

I lead and manage community-based services at JRF and JRHT. These include housing, care, early years, independent living services, and development and landscape services. My phone number is 01904 615980.

My role is to ensure that our community-based services are exceptional, well-led, safe and innovative. Also that they contribute to the development of a prosperous and poverty-free UK

I lead teams in care services income and benefits, and social housing. Also in work, cities towns and neighbourhoods, people and society.

I lead JRF and JRHT's community services, which include social housing, housing development and care. I also support our work on being an anti-poverty landlord. I am our LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) director champion. I have a deep interest in diversity and equality. 

I started my working life in local government in Leeds in 1989 as a Housing Officer. I then moved into a range of senior human resources (HR) roles in Leeds. Since then I have worked as Strategic Head of HR at the London Borough of Brent. I've also worked as Head of Human Resources at Brighton and Hove City Council. In addition, I was Director of HR and Improvement at Royal Greenwich, and Chief Operating Officer with JRF.

My areas of expertise includes all areas of human resources, business improvement, diversity and equality, and value for money.