Sarah Charlton

Sarah Charlton

Resident Involvement Officer

Contact me about how to be involved in JRHT. This could be as a mystery shopper, part of our Resident Scrutiny Panel, or setting up a community group or resident association. My phone number is 01904 752927.

My role is to engage a range of residents in activities that develop their scrutiny role of JRHT's services.

I support and develop existing groups and structures, and develop new ones as appropriate, encouraging residents to identify weak practice and service delivery and support JRHT through the scrutiny role of improving services. I also develop ways of enabling residents to actively participate in improving their neighbourhoods and communities through, for example, residents' groups and associations, and community-based activities.

Another part of my role is to encourage and support residents in developing their skills and knowledge of resident involvement and engagement opportunities. I have experience in advocacy and looking at creative ways in getting people’s voices heard.

I really enjoy being out and about meeting residents and making sure that that their views are heard so that we can continue to improve the services that JRHT provides. I am very keen to ensure that residents' involvement is a key priority for everyone.