Nic Dennison

Nic Dennison

Neighbourhood Services Manager

As a member of JRHT’s Senior Management Team, my role covers the overall management and leadership of the neighbourhood services team. This covers all services that provide housing management, sales and lettings, money and benefit advice. and JRHT’s anti-poverty landlord strategy and actions. This covers all areas of our housing stock, including general needs, sheltered and extra care. My phone number is 01904 735012.

I lead the team that delivers the key housing functions that JRHT provides. We can offer a full range of advice on housing options, neighbourhood management, tenancy and leasehold queries and tackling anti-social behaviour.

We also provide detailed advice for our residents on money and benefits and assisting in tackling poverty and hardship through anti-poverty measures. These include debt advice, an affordable loans scheme, digital inclusion advice and employment advice and assistance.

I have a long-held belief in the provision of affordable housing and mixed and flexible-tenure communities for people on mixed incomes. JRHT offers me the ability to be at the heart of this and achieve real results for residents.

Poverty has no place in a civilised society and so to be able to influence work in tackling this and work in partnership with residents is incredibly rewarding. JRHT and JRF are key to ensuring we improve the quality of life for all.

I have over 20 years’ experience in social and private housing, with significant tenancy and leasehold management experience, and hold a PGDIP (Housing Policy & Practice) and BA (Hons) in Geography and Social Sciences.