Joel Owen

Joel Owen

Deputy Director, Development and Asset Management

As a member of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and JRHT Executive Leadership Team, my role involves contributing towards the overall strategic direction of both organisations, as well as the management and leadership of JRHT, in particular the Landscaping, Development and Asset Management Teams. My phone number is 01904 615973.

I work across all JRHT’s neighbourhoods, and am responsible for:

  • all services relating to the maintenance and landscaping across all JRHT schemes, as well as the Homestead Park
  • all JRHT’s new developments, including Derwenthorpe and New Lodge
  • the implementation and delivery of the Sustainability Strategy for JRF and JRHT
  • the Asset Management Strategy for both organisations, including land and asset portfolios and disposal of assets.

Residents can contact me with any queries regarding Derwenthorpe and New Lodge, and landscaping and maintenance.

I have seen at first-hand what a difference good-quality, sustainable and affordable homes can make to the lives of families in our communities. We demonstrate what can be done in communities and use this to influence local and national government to change policies and improve the lives of people in poverty in the UK. I am proud that at JRHT and JRF we are making a real difference in tackling UK poverty. We are at our best when JRHT maximises its assets in conjunction with JRF’s research findings to provide opportunities that extend beyond people’s homes, building on our portfolio of community facilities and co-production of services providing education, employment, health, care and skills opportunities within our communities.

I have a diverse track record over 12 years of successfully managing complex development and asset teams for a number of regional housing providers and trusts. This includes general needs housing, supported housing (extra care), eco builds, large-scale regeneration programmes, refurbishment schemes, mixed commercial development and a range of sale properties. I have established strong and productive working relationships with key local authorities, private developers, land agents, consultants, contractors, and investment partners, both private and social, throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region. 

Through JRHT, I offer consultancy services for local and regional housing providers. I'm also a Director for St George's Crypt Homelessness Charity, and a member of the National House Building Council and the Good Homes Alliance. I'm currently studying MSc Construction Project Management, and have a BSc (Hons) in Geography.